"When you sing, you pray twice." - commonly attributed to St. Augustine.
Ours is a singing church, a congregation that values creativity and an eclectic range of musical expressions.  Those who wish to express their faith with voice or instruments will find welcome here and are encouraged to share their gifts ~ singing in small ensembles, composing, leading congregational singing, playing instrumental music in worship, or as soloists. We make a conscious effort to involve the many talented and generous people of this creativity-rich, musically-engaged congregation. Exploring our faith through a variety of musical expressions is central to worship at PSUMC, and we are indeed blessed.


During this season of the COVID-19 pandemic, our music ministry has moved to a fully virtual format, allowing us to remain musically and spiritually connected.   We continue to celebrate music in our worship through soloists and instrumentalists who participate as featured music leaders in our Sunday service via Zoom.  If you are interested in being part of our music ministry by leading music virtually from wherever you are, please contact us.  We encourage both members and friends of PSUMC, near and far, to consider sharing their musical gifts and we appreciate all skill levels and styles of music. 


Until March of this year, we celebrated music in our worship through our dynamic 30+ voice Church Choir every ​September through June.  The Church Choir was a source of fellowship at the heart of the church community, providing a place to harmonize with friends, learn new anthems, and sing old favorites.  The Choir was led by Pam McAllister, who recently retired after 32 years of dedicated service as PSUMC’s Music Director.  We look forward to a time when we can again come together -- in fellowship and song -- as a choir.  While the future will look different, our Church Choir remains a steadfast part of our community.  Please check the Church weekly email newsletter for related updates and announcements.


Rev. Kathryn Dickinson, PSUMC ordained minister, has continued to compose musical offerings collectively known as “Peace Be With you,” matching biblical and early Christian texts with persons in our community who are grieving. She has worked collaboratively with mourners and a range of musicians to compose songs which are then performed as offertories in worship. A church fundraising recital of these compositions offered to the public in January, 2017, was very well received.